2024 reel



Hi, my name is Xavier Gendreau, and I am a graphic designer. Embracing a broad spectrum of design disciplines, I identify as a design generalist with expertise in web design, motion graphics, UX/UI design, and various other facets of the field. In my professional ethos, I embody qualities of leadership, curiosity, creativity, and a strong work ethic.

While initially reserved, collaboration with teams and clients propels me towards continuous improvement as a designer. My passion lies in the creation of aesthetically pleasing and functional designs that resonate with individuals. Witnessing the appreciation for the effort invested in my work is particularly gratifying. The process of crafting and deconstructing design elements to produce pieces of art that permeate various facets of everyday life both captivates and propels me.

My early fascination with art, drawings, and painting fueled my desire to contribute meaningfully to the world of design. Despite my proficiency as an illustrator and draftsman, I remain committed to making a lasting impact akin to the influential artists who inspired me during my formative years.